Metropolis Perspective Sustainability

Metropolis examines the state of sustainability in the A&D industry and we hope to build some common ground for the A&D community as it grapples with the greatest challenge of our time. Once focussed on recycling, reuse, energy consumption and carbon footprints—all concepts relating to physical materials—sustainable architecture and design now encompass human health and well-being, social equity and community development, resilience and adaptation to climate, as well as stewardship of flora, fauna and natural resources of the earth. This expanded mission will help us move away from the abstract rhetoric of “saving the planet” and toward the realization that there is nothing less at stake here than the survival of our species and the continuation of all life on earth.

2020 Sustainability Events

July 15—16 · San Francisco, CA
September 16—17 · Washington D.C.

The Metropolis Perspective Seattle: Sustainability

Donald Agnelli, Armstrong

Ryan Smith, LightArt

Craig Casey, Lutron

George Bandy, Jr., Mohawk Group

Becoming Sustainable: The Metropolis Perspective Sustainability Event Series